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Seiretto's /email_list_lite/ DEMO area.


Download it here
(39 kbytes)

Technical details:
  Version: 1.01f
  Date: 7th Aug 2003
  Size: 39 Kbytes
Host requirements: 

   PHP4 - with register_globals ON
Works on Seiretto's UK Web Hosting accounts.

/email_list_lite/ is an automated email list manager that will manage the members of your newsletter/online promotion lists.  Your list members confirm their addresses before they are added to prevent unwanted Spam or unwanted subscriptions, additionally the "Welcome to list" message is easily customisable.

- auto install & setup, see it here,
- import existing email lists,
- add join/leave box with just one line of code,
- self manages email list online,
- automatic removal of none activated emails,
- and more...

To try the DEMO follow the three simple steps below:

1. Add yourself to the DEMO list by entering your email address below and clicking Join List: 2. Go to The admin DEMO area where you will be able to view your email address within the stored members addresses.   /email_list_list/ admin DEMO (this is a demo and some functions are purposefully disabled, and authentication is removed).

3. Finally remove yourself from the DEMO list by entering your email address above, selecting Leave List and clicking Leave List.

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